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Informational Webinars on the NYS Minimum Wage Increases

New York State’s minimum wage increased on December 31, 2016. This is the first step in the statewide $15 minimum wage plan enacted as part of the 2016-17 State Budget. As part of a state-wide educational campaign to help businesses identify pay rates for their employees (including tipped employees), and to help protect employees, the Department of Labor will be hosting a live webinar every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM beginning Tuesday January, 24. 2017. For a schedule of webinars click on .

FAME Annual Event!

February 16, 2017          10th-anniv

Monroe Community College
R. Thomas Flynn Campus Center
Monroe A & B
Parking: Lot M

FAME at 10: Driving Growth. Inspiring Students. Reaching Parents. Connecting Stakeholders.

The Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise is pleased to present Mr. Jeremy Bout of Edge Factor at its annual industry/education event on February 16, 2017 at Monroe Community College!

This year’s FAME Keynote speaker is a mixed brew of caffeine, ideas that defy convention, and passion that drives creativity. After spending 12 years using technology to bring ideas to life in the manufacturing industry, Jeremy Bout leads the Edge Factor team in producing inspiring films and accompanying interactive resources to inspire the next generation of makers. As a critically acclaimed filmmaker, public speaker and entrepreneur, Jeremy  continues to turn ideas into reality to equip leaders to impact their communities. Edge Factor productions merge Hollywood visuals with cinematic storytelling, to highlight innovation, teach career pathways and manufacturing, and make science, technology, engineering, art and math relevant in today’s world. With stories and interactive resources, Edge Factor challenges perceptions and spotlights the amazing people and technology, that are changing lives and pushing back the edge of what’s possible.

Event Agenda:

4:00pm MCC Welcome, Dr. Anne Kress, President — MCC

4:10pm FLCC Update, Dr. Robert Nye, President — FLCC (Invited)

4:20pm FAME Welcome/Update, Mike Mandina FAME, Chair; President, Optimax Systems Inc.

4:40pm Keynote Speaker, Mr. Jeremy Bout, Edge Factor

5:30pm Industry/Academic Speed Dating Expo

6:00pm 2017 STAR Award Presentation

6:05pm Networking/Expo Continues (thru 6:30pm)


Contact: Michele Stolberg, FAME Facilitator
Phone# 315-521-7826

This event is being hosted by the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise (FAME), Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board (FLWIB), Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), Finger Lakes Community College, and Monroe Community College.

To register and for more information visit:

Spotlight On…

Dave Phillips, Talent Manager, and Dina Stuck, HR Director, hold GW Lisk's 5% Pledge Certificate.

Dave Phillips, Talent Manager, and Dina Stuck, HR Director, hold GW Lisk’s 5% Pledge Certificate.

FAME 5% Pledge – Sign up today!

Building the Pipeline for our Regional Advanced Manufacturing Sector

To succeed, manufacturers need a skilled workforce, strong business model, leadership and a thriving community. In the Rochester region, poverty and unemployment are increasing. It has become a challenge to find qualified workers. Now is the time to unite and pledge to expand our workforce and long-term prosperity as business leaders in the community.

Make the 5% Pledge!

We are asking you to pledge 5% of your current workforce to the future. That means that for every 100 employees in your organization, you will strive to provide five temporary positions for interns, high school students, and/or the long-term unemployed as a method of exposing them to the manufacturing culture through experience. In turn, these workers will gain valuable skills and experience to guide them as they become the workforce of tomorrow.

All information was taken from the FAME website. Visit the link below for more information:

NY Fame Home


The Herman Trend Alert

The following “Trend Alert” is a direct result of Ms. Gioia’s visit to the Finger Lakes on October 22nd. The Exploring program offers so much for young people in our area! Read on for more information.

November 19, 2014

Exploring What Works in Workforce Development

There is a quiet revolution happening in communities around the world. Workforce and economic developers, school administrators, and forward-thinking corporate executives are collaborating to help youth choose the “right” careers for them. One of the best solutions we have encountered is called “The Exploring Program”. This program offers a model that may be copied for young people around the world.

Sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and the Seneca Waterways Council, The Exploring Program is operated for middle and high school youth in the Greater Rochester/Finger Lakes region of New York in the United States. Exploring is a career-education program that allows students to learn more about particular careers through a series of hands-on activities led by working people. Through Exploring, young people mature and prepare themselves to become responsible and caring adults.

Local community organizations initiate an Explorer post by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop. Exploring programs are based on five areas of emphasis: career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience.

Everyone wins with Exploring. The youth win because they gain career information, insight into their future vocations, plus they enjoy a sense of acceptance and belonging to the “right” group. They participate in adult-like activities, having practical, real, and meaningful hands-on experiences in safe environments. It also keeps them involved in positive youth activities, avoiding negative behaviors. Finally, they have opportunities to try leadership roles and develop their skills, not to mention their chances to develop career and personal skills.

The company’s employees benefit as well. Because they are “teaching” young people, they gain greater job awareness, they develop their own leadership and problem-solving skills, and they enjoy the opportunity for greater community involvement.

Finally, the organizations benefit in many ways. Companies develop team-building attitudes within their companies. They have the opportunity to interpret adult occupational roles for youth, while preparing young adults for transition from school to work. The companies demonstrate their visible commitments to the welfare of their communities. In these days of workforce shortages, their biggest win is that they are having opportunities to influence young people to choose them for their first employers, and to ensure their own success into the future by creating this valuable pipeline.

Wise employers, large and small, will do everything they can to reach out in their communities to create programs like this one where everybody wins.

For more information go to, or call the Exploring division at: 585-244-4210.

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