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Meet Ashley Hale Crisostomo-Lopez!

Yates County Workforce Development

Ashley entered our WIA youth program on 7/27/11.  At registration, she was 18 and a newly expectant mom.  She had a High School Diploma but was deficient in math.  She had no paid work history and was involved in some on-line post- secondary classes but was struggling to complete.  She wanted to attend community college but had no form of transportation.

Ashley successfully completed the following services and activities while in youth program:

  • Basic skills tutoring in math so she can be successful in college and life
  • Short term paid work experience as receptionist at Yates Workforce
  • Leadership Classes-including College Budgeting and Nutrition by Cornell Co-operative Ext.
  • Vocational certification classes: Attained her Customer Service Certification (strengthening  her resume and giving her marketable skills in customer service)
  • NYS Driver Training leading to NYS Driver’s License (so she can drive to college and her job)

In May, 2013 Ashley will graduate from Finger Lakes Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science!

 She will have been employed at the college for one year this June. She has a beautiful daughter and was recently married.  She now has her NYS Driver’s License which enables her to attend FLCC and work part time. Ashley hopes to pursue a career in the medical field.

With the help and support of Yates County Workforce Development, Ashley’s achievements will provide her with valuable tools to move on to the next stage of her life successfully.

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Meet Seovanni Ortolaza!

Ontario County Workforce Development

Seovanni enrolled in the WIA Youth Program in March 2012, and he began working closely with his current counselor in November, 2012. Seovanni has aspired to be a nurse for a long time. He is a very compassionate and caring young man who lives with his mother and cares for his elderly grandmother who is struggling with health issues.

With counseling and funding from Workforce, Seovanni applied for the Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide (CNA/HHA) training program at Finger Lakes Community College and received additional support services such as uniforms and supplies.

The Youth Program services have also helped Seovanni get his car on the road and have assisted him with car insurance, vehicle registration, and repairs so that he can attend his classes and obtain valuable employment skills and credentials.

 Seovanni is scheduled to complete the CNA/HHA program this summer. Meanwhile, he is working full time and plans to complete his GED through FLCC. Seovanni’s long term goal is to continue his education to become an LPN and ultimately an RN.

A very gracious and appreciative youth program participant,   Seovanni has expressed his sincere gratitude every time he meets with his counselor. He is a very determined young man and even though life has thrown him a number of curve balls, he continues to strive for a home run.

Finger Lakes Local Plan PY’13

Opportunity for public comment: Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board Area Local Plan for July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

In accordance with 20 CFR Part 661.220 of the Workforce Investment Act, the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board is providing the opportunity for public comment on and input into the local plan for the period July 1, 2013 to June 30,  2014 prior to its submission to the New York State Department of Labor.

To see the draft plan, please click here.

Public comments will be accepted through June 13, 2013.

Comments are to be submitted online to:

or to:

Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

41 Lewis Street, Suite 104

Geneva, NY 14456


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Meet Francheska Morales-Santiago! 

Wayne County Workforce Development Youth Program

Francheska Morales-Santiago is a parenting youth that came to our office for assistance with finding employment. Francheska had the drive and determination to succeed, but lacked the direction and skills needed for a career.

After aWIA Youth Program  interest assessment and career counseling it was determined that Frannie was interested in nursing and a good candidate for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. Under advisement of her counselor she completed the National Work Readiness Assessment and passed all four sections to obtain her Certification (NWRC).

With Wayne County Workforce youth program support, Frannie was provided with;

  • Transportation assistance for her classes (gas vouchers)
  • A 5 hour driving training and her NYS Drivers License to help her become more employable.
  • She was assisted with job searching and resume review

Francheska completed the Certified Nursing Assistant training and passed the NYS licensing exam. As a CNA she found unsubsidized employment at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital’s Demay Living Center almost immediately after receiving her

Frannie’s bubbly, confident personality as well as her newly learned acquired skills and credentials have helped her achieve career and personal success. She enjoys her work immensely and is an asset to the Living Center and the elderly patients she assists there.

Business of the Month for May 2013

GENEVA, NEW YORK – The Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board (FL WIB) announced today that Optimax Systems Inc, located in Ontario, NY is May’s “Business of the Month” recognizing the company’s efforts to build strong community partnerships along with their continuing contributions to the local economy.

Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board Executive Director, Karen Springmeier, presenting Optimax Systems, Inc. with the certificate for the Business of the Month.

Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board Executive Director, Karen Springmeier, presenting Optimax Systems, Inc. with the certificate for the Business of the Month.

  Optimax, a leading manufacturer of precision optics, is extremely active in the community and the industry. Over the years they have been recognized in areas including innovation, business leadership and community.  Company President Mike Mandina, leads by example and is the current Chairperson for the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturing Enterprise (FAME) and serves on the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment as well as the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association and the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster.

 Since FAME’s inception five years ago, Mike has been an advocate for industry and education collaboration helping to build a stronger “pipeline “of advanced manufacturing technicians.  Mike has also been recognized at the state and national levels for his commitment and passion to develop the pipeline of workers the industry needs.

 His leadership on FAME serves as a model for the Optimax workforce as employees can be found on any given day providing tours of the Optimax facility to high school students, teaching in the classroom or participating at local workforce panel discussions.

 “Mike and the Optimax team are great examples of industry leaders working with educators to build a strong workforce!”  says Karen Springmeier, Executive Director, Finger Lakes WIB.

 “The company recognizes the value of developing the emerging workforce and works closely with the industry leaders and Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board to achieve a high standard of workforce development within their organization.”

  For more information please call 315-789-3131.